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gilletti's message the graphic novel by Thérèse Zoekende will be given as an anniversary gift to new ki members

ki 30 jaar

ki 30 jaar ENGLISH Dit seizoen 2023-2024 bestaat ki 30 jaar! Hiep, hiep, hoera! Dit seizoen is het 30 jaar geleden dat martial- en visual artists Patrick Koster en Thérèse Zoekende ki oprichtten. 06-07-2000 Historie Op donderdag 9 juni 1994 van 19:00-20:30 uur geven wij onze eerste karateles in de door ons…

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Kumite class one: Masahiko Tanaka at ki karate school located in Amsterdam Centre and Monnickendam since 1994 by Amsterdam karate school ki Amsterdam | karate-amsterdam | shotokan-amsterdam | Amsterdam | karate | ki | summer-course | korting | shotokan karate amsterdam, amsterdam karate, amsterdam shotokan, karate herengracht, Karate centrum, centrum karate, montessori school, montessori school Amsterdam, karate montessori school Amsterdam, 14e montessorischool, 14e montessorischool de jordaan, de jordaan, karate de jordaan, karate 14e montessorischool, de witte olifant, obs de witte olifant, karate de witte olifant, de witte olifant karate, japanese, japanese community, japanese community netherlands, japanese karate, japanese community karate, japanese community netherlands karate, karate japanese community, karate japanese community netherlands,Theo thijssen, theo thijssenschool, karate theo thijssenschool, theo thijssenschool karate, kees de jongen, karate kees de jongen, kees de jongen karate, kendo, kendo Amsterdam, Amsterdam kendo, kenpo, kempo, kenpo karate, kenpo karate Amsterdam, uva karate, uva karate Amsterdam, kyukoshinkai, kyukoshinkai karate, kyukoshinkai Amsterdam, kyukoshinkai karate Amsterdam, usc karate, usc karate Amsterdam, vu karate, vu karate Amsterdam, rietveld academi, rietveld academi karate, hogeschool van Amsterdam, hogeschool inholland, hogeschool karate, karate hogeschool van Amsterdam, karate hogeschool inholland, chinese karate, chinese karate Amsterdam, chinees karate, chinees karate Amsterdam, china, china karate, china karate Amsterdam, wing chun, wing chun karate, wing chun karate Amsterdam, world behind your eyes, kumite class 1,

Kumite class one: Masahiko Tanaka

Kumite class one @xxxx[{::::::::::> Masahiko Tanaka: World behind your eyes During a fight, you should mentally create your own world behind your eyes. In this way you can seize the initiative and connect the elements that influence your goal in a positive way. But what does “your own world” mean?. . . Fill the whole…

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ki = karateschool voor traditioneel Shotokan te Amsterdam en Monnickendam sinds 1994 - wachter of the Tōdai Temple

Martialarts mascottes

The Four Guardians Martialarts Mascottes: The Four Guardians 👹👹👹👹 of the Tōdai Temple, Nara, Japan. Statue in dry clay. ‘Dit is Komoku-ten, the guardian of the west, symbolizes the un of A-un. His expression is that of the spirit of power in reverse.’ (Karate-Do Kyohan, Gichin Funakoshi, blz 246) The Cosmic Dance A & UN:…

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Ma ai - Intro karate course - Zomer karate programma [*2019]-karate summer school organized by Amsterdam karate school ki Amsterdam - ki = karateschool voor traditioneel Shotokan te Amsterdam en Monnickendam sinds 1994

Ma-ai (間合い) #1

Ma-ai (間合い) and/or Ma (間). part 1: Interval Ma-ai (間合い), translating simply “interval”, is a Japanese martial arts term referring to the space between two opponents in combat; formally, the “engagement distance”. It is a complex concept, incorporating not just the distance between opponents, but also the time it will take to cross the distance,…

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ki = karateschool voor traditioneel Shotokan te Amsterdam en Monnickendam sinds 1994

Ma-ai 2 (間合い) #2

Advancing and retreating Ma-ai 2 – (間合い) en/of Ma (間). PART 2: “The Ma requires advancing and retreating, separating and meeting.” From: Karate-do Kyohan, Maxims for the karate trainee, “Eight important phrases of Karate”. Gichin Funakoshi. photo: Yuru Chara (Japanese mascot) squeezes itself through a public transport gate. The Japanese name for costumed performers is…

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Karate summer school-Zomer6sies 2023-Doe mee aan de Zomersessies van karate school ki KARATE op het gras in de frisse zomerse buitenlucht is het perfect trainen in het Amsterdamse Westerpark

Karate Zomer6sies 2023

Zomer6sies *23 Zomer6sies: Vanaf zondag 23 juli t/m 27 augustus organiseert ki elke zondagochtend karatelessen in het Westerpark in Amsterdam! Tijd: 10:30-12:00 uur. Op deze tijd is het naar verwachting nog lekker rustig in het park en tevens nog fris en koel. Blijf bewegen! Meedoen aan de zomertrainingen is fijn. Niet iedereen gaat deze…

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gilletti's message the graphic novel by Thérèse Zoekende will be given as an anniversary gift to new ki members

ki 30 years

ki 30 years NEDERLANDS This 2023-2024 season, ki exists 30 years! Hip Hip Hooray! This season marks 30 years since martial and visual artists Patrick Koster and Thérèse Zoekende founded ki 06-07-2000 History On Thursday, June 9, 1994 from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm we give our first karate lesson in the…

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Zomer7even_2020_blog-announcement-Karate summer school-Zomer7even_2020_blog-aankondiging

Karate Summer School

Outdoor karate. Gedurende de coronacrisis heeft ki haar karatelessen noodgedwongen naar buiten verplaatst. Op anderhalve meter van elkaar. Zonder contactoefeningen. Op het gras in de frisse buitenlucht was het verrassend goed trainen. Daarom gaan we ‘Karate in de Buitenlucht’ deze zomervakantie continueren! Karate Summer School. Zomer7even *20 Vanaf maandag 28 juni t/m 12 augustus…

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