Kumite class 3: Masahiko Tanaka

ki club.cool = karateschool voor traditioneel Shotokan te Amsterdam en Monnickendam sinds 1994 - poker-face - kumite

Kumite class 3 @xxxx[{::::::::::> Masahiko Tanaka:
When you face an opponent in a fight, it is your sight that is responsible for giving you the basic information. That is why the eyes have an important role when engaging in tactics with a rival. . .It is an important fact that the eyes show your own feeling as well as observe your opponent’s movements. When you observe the opponent, there is a difference between looking into his eyes and trying to perceive the whole body at once. It also makes a difference if you use your eyes to try to oppress the opponent rather than just watch his movements. The one who can incorporate all of this will have the confidence of the combined effect of concentration-power and ki. Perfecting Kumite, Masahiko Tanaka, p 30

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